NBA Guru 2018-19 NBA Win Totals


The last two seasons I’ve asked the NBA Guru to share his thoughts on NBA win total plays he like. His 2016-17 NBA season win totals went 4-0 and the 2017-18 NBA Wins totals were 3-0.

The NBA Guru is happy to share his thoughts again on a few 2018-19 NBA season win totals. Once again, these will be considered as Strong Opinions. The NBA Guru’s NBA Best Bets are now 792-667-23 for +126.9 Stars in his 6 seasons with Dr. Bob Sports and he has season and 4-week packages available, as well as daily packages.


LA Clippers OVER 37 Wins (-112) (CRIS)

The Clippers injuries led to their poor record last year and yet they still finished the season with 42 wins.  This year they get back Gallinari (21 games played last season), Beverly (11 games played last season), Teodosic (45 games played last season), and Avery Bradley who only played 6 games for the Clippers last season.  I’m not very concerned about the loss of DeAndre Jordan as I think Gortat and Boban will fill his shoes fine, and I don’t value Austin Rivers no longer being on the team as a loss.  I also like the addition of an underrated Luc Mbah a Moute.  The key for this team will be their health.  If they stay relatively healthy we shouldn’t have a problem cashing this win total.  If it doesn’t cash it will almost certainly be due to major injuries.


Chicago UNDER 30.5 (-135) (CRIS)

I only rate 1 team in the NBA as being worse.  This team got 27 wins last season.  I don’t think adding Jabari Parker makes them any better as I don’t rate him as an efficient player.  The contract they gave him is a head-scratcher.  Zack Lavine missed a lot of time last year but I put him in the same category as Jabari Parker, a negative impact player.  If you followed their line-ups they put on the court towards the end of last season you could see Hoiberg was very deliberately tanking, and did a decent job at it.  I’m guessing when they fall out of contention this season they will do the same.  Their best player from last season was Nikola Mirotic, who they traded.  In the 25 games he played in for Chicago last season they were 14-11.  That means they were 13-44 when he didn’t play.  13-44 extrapolated over a full season equates to 19-63.


Portland OVER 42 Wins (-120) (CRIS)

This is a short and easy write up.  This team won 49 games last season and finished 3rd in the West.  Their roster is basically identical to last season’s roster and they finished the season in great form.  I’m a bit shocked to see 42 as their win total posted in the market.  I realize that the West is stronger this season but barring major injuries I don’t see how they’re just a .500 team.


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