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Dr Bob Basketball Best Bets +467.5 Stars Last 18 Years

Dr Bob’s Basketball Package include both College Basketball and NBA Best Bets and the Best Bets have been a very profitable +467.5 Stars the last 18 seasons and 54.3% for an average profit of +33.8 Stars per season over 28 years.

2016-17 College Best Bets 163-149-9

It’s been a tough season. I started the season 13-20 on my College Best Bets and rallied to post a winning record, but didn’t rally enough to become profitable.

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    I am a very profitable +467.8 Stars (at -1.10 odds) the last 18 years on my Basketball Best Bets (and 54.3% on my Basketball Best Bets over 28 seasons for an average profit of +33.8 Stars).

    Get all my College and NBA Basketball Best Bets, including the NCAA Tournament and NBA Playoffs, from now through the end of the 2016-2017 season. In addition to the emails with analysis, you can also choose to receive texts of each Best Bet. The texts are sent to everyone at precisely the same time, which allows you to beat the line moves. You can also view the Best Bets analysis on the site.

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Free Analysis

I was 161-135-7 on the Free Analysis in the 2015-16 basketball season (38-32-2 on Free Best Bets and 123-103-5 on Opinions). Over 9 seasons I am 162-149-8 on my Free Basketball Best Bets and 904-810-38 on my Free Basketball Opinions. Check back daily throughout the Basketball season for Free Analysis from Dr Bob.

Check back around 3:20 pm Pacific for an update on my Basketball Free Analysis page.

Daily/Season to Date Recap

College Best Bets 163-149-9

I lost my 2-Star Best Bet on Gonzaga (1-Star at -6.5 and a Star added at -6), as the Zags won by just 4 points.

My NCAA Tournament Best Bets are just 5-8-1 and 8-16-2 on a Star basis (0-1 3-Stars, 3-6-1 on 2-Stars and 2-1 on 1-Stars) while the Strong Opinions are 9-7 and the leans are 11-5-1. That’s the story of my season. All NCAA Best Bets and Opinions are 25-20-2 yet the Best Bets are losing. Just one of those years when the opinions are winning (57%) while the Best Bets are just 52.2%. But, at least my methods have worked at a decent level and hopefully next year those percentages are reversed.

It’s been a tough season, as I started the season 13-20 on my Best Bets and couldn’t quite climb out of that hole despite being profitable since mid-December. My College Basketball Best Bets are now 163-149-9 and 288-274-19 on a Star Basis (18-22-2 on 3-Stars, 89-81-6 on 2-Stars, and 56-46-1 on 1-Stars) for -13.4 Stars.

2015-16 Basketball Season Recap