Notes for charts below:

  • P&F stands for Props and Futures Bets
  • All records shown as Win-Loss-Push.
  • Opinions (“Strong Opinions”) are not included in Total Stars Calculations.
  • Total Stars is computed by multiplying each bet by its star value. So if you win a 4-Star and two 2-Stars, and lose a 3-Star and a 2-Star, then you have gone 8-5 on a Star basis.
  • Win% is Stars Won/(Stars Won + Stars Lost)
  • Net Stars is Stars Won – 1.1 * Stars Lost + Props/Futures

Dr. Bob College Football Sides Records


Futures Best Bets include Season Win Totals, which are 18-8, and conference and national championship futures plays.

For more information on recent seasons see the 2015 College Football Season Recap.

Dr. Bob College Basketball Records



Dr. Bob NBA Basketball Records


NBA Futures are all Playoff Series Bets

College Football Totals


Note: Dr Bob will not be releasing totals as Best Bets going forward – except perhaps early in the season (17-7 on totals the first 5 weeks of the season using my early season model).