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My College Best Bets are 2102-1721-67 (55%) on a Star Basis for +237.2 Stars Since 1999, including season win totals and futures, and the Strong Opinions are a profitable 655-571-15.

I am now 43-30-2 on my Best Bets (64-42-3 on a Star Basis) and 19-13 on my Strong Opinions this season (see Recap below).

I should have this week’s Best Bets and Strong Opinions available by Thursday.

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    I am now 43-30-2 on my Best Bets (64-42-3 on a Star Basis) and 19-13 on my Strong Opinions this season.

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    I am a very profitable 64-42-3 on a Star Basis on my College Football Best Bets this season.

    Dr. Bob Sports NFL Best Bets are 24-14 (63%) this season and 161-115-2 (58.3%), including 106-59-2 on sides, and Strong Opinions are 108-81-4 (57.1%) in three seasons using an advanced NFL play-by-play model.

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Free Analysis

The Free Analysis sides were 23-21 against the spread in Week 12 and just 9-5 on sides with a predicted margin that was 4 points or more from the spread. The Totals were 26-18, including 2-1 on differences from the line of 6 points or more, which is where they are historically profitable.

So far this season, Free Analysis sides are 260-231-5 overall and 87-69-2 on games with a difference or 4+ points from the spread. Totals are just 249-243-1 but they’re a profitable 35-28 on differences of 6 points or more from the line.

The record on all Free Analysis sides is now 1599-1389-59 ATS since 2013, which is very good picking nearly every game over 4-plus years. The Free Analysis sides in which my predicted margin was 4 points or more away from the line are now 557-461-21. Totals on the Free pages are now 1312-1260-15 in the 4-plus seasons I’ve been tracking them.

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Daily/Weekly Recap

Week 12 Recap and Season to Date Results

College Best Bets 43-30-2 for +17.55 Stars

I was just 2-2 on my 4 Best Bets and 4-0 on my Strong Opinions this week. Those of you that buy the weekly service actually did better, as both Minnesota and Kentucky (the two losers) had moved out of Best Bet range while the two wins (Maryland and Washington State) both qualified once WSU moved back into Best Bet range on Saturday afternoon. Normally, however, you’re much better off subscribing so you can get the plays as they’re being released. The recap of all the Best Bets is below.

I’m now at 64-42-3 on a Star Basis (2-0 on 3-Stars, 17-12-1 on 2-Stars and 24-18-1 on 1-Stars) for +17.55 Stars of profit (including -0.25 in extra juice). The Strong Opinions were 4-0 this week with wins Ball State (+10) on Tuesday night, the UConn-ECU Over (68.5), Auburn (-28), and the Cincy at UCF Under (61). Some of you may have missed the Ball State Strong Opinion, as that game was texted out close to game-time after the line moved to +10. But, I figured it was best to text that play out for those that could get it in. Those that couldn’t were no worse off than if I hadn’t sent it at all. Strong Opinions are now 19-13 for the season.

Week 12 Best Bets Recap:

My 2-Star Best Bet on Minnesota (+2) lost to Northwestern 14-24. The game would have been more competitive if not for the Gophers being -3 in turnover margin but they were outplayed (the stats project a 7 point loss) and this was a deserved loss.

My 1-Star Best Bet on Kentucky (-14) just out to a 17-0 lead over Middle Tennessee, thanks in part to an interception return TD, but the Wildcats won by just 11 points, 34-23. While the spread decision was close I will grade this game as a deserved loss based on the stats, which project only a 3 point win by Kentucky.

My 2-Star Best Bet on Maryland (+16.5) played out the way I thought it would and the Terrapins easily covered the spread in a 51-52 overtime loss to Ohio State. I wrote that I expected Maryland to run the ball well and they racked up 379 yards on 43 rushing plays.

My 1-Star Best Bet on Washington State (-9.5) built a 41-point lead by half-time and went on to beat Arizona by that same margin, 69-28. That line moved out of Best Bet range after the release but moved back to -10 on Saturday afternoon.

NFL Service – Results with new Play-by-Play model:

2016-18 NFL Best Bets are 161-115-2 (58.3%)  – 106-59-2 on sides, 52-51 on totals, 1-2 1st-half totals, 0-1 team totals, 2-1 teasers, 0-1 season win totals.

2016-18 NFL Strong Opinions are 108-81-4 (57.3%) – 50-50-3 sides, 48-30-1 totals, 3-0 1st-half totals, 7-1 Super Bowl prop bets.