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My College Best Bets are 2038-1679-64 (55%) on a Star Basis for +219.6 Stars Since 1999, including season win totals and futures, and the Strong Opinions are a profitable 636-558-15.

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    My College Best Bets are 2038-1679-64 (55%) on a Star Basis for +219.6 Stars Since 1999, including season win totals and futures, and the Strong Opinions are a profitable 637-560-15.

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    Dr. Bob is a very profitable 56% lifetime over 29 years of his College Football Best Bets and Dr. Bob Sports NFL Best Bets are 137-101-2 (58%), including 92-48-2 on sides, in two seasons using an advanced NFL play-by-play model.

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Free Analysis

The Free Analysis sides were 279-252-16 ATS in the 2017 season, including 76-68-6 on sides with a predicted margin that was 4 points or more from the spread. The Totals were 291-275-4, including 53-44-2 on differences from the line of 6 points or more, which is where they are historically profitable.

The record on all Free Analysis sides is now 1329-1158-56 ATS since 2013, which is very good picking nearly every game over 5 years. The Free Analysis sides in which my predicted margin was 4 points or more away from the line are now 470-392-19. Totals on the Free pages are now 1063-1017-14 in the 4 seasons I’ve been tracking them.

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Daily/Weekly Recap

My 2017 College Football Best Bets were 56-47-2 for the season and 87-77-5 on a Star Basis for +1.75 Stars, which includes the season win totals (even), the -0.5 Stars on the money line play and -0.35 Stars on extra juice.

It was not a good season but it also wasn’t a bad season and I certainly feel like I deserved a better fate given that my 101 Best Bets (excluding the 4 season win totals) combined to beat the line by a total of 229 points, which is an average of +2.3 points, despite my side Best Bets being -9 in fumble margin, which is worth about 36 points. A line differential of +2.3 points would normally equate to a win percentage of 56.1% winners, which is actually what I would have been if I had gone 50% on the close games.

For more details you can visit my College Football Recap page.

2016-17 NFL Best Bets are 137-101-2 (58.0%)  – 92-48-2 on sides, 44-48 on totals, 1-2 1st-half totals, 0-1 team totals, 0-1 teasers, 0-1 season win totals.

2016-17 NFL Strong Opinions are 92-71-4 (56.4%) – 41-43-3 sides, 43-27-1 totals, 1-0 1st-half totals, 7-1 Super Bowl prop bets.