The Free Analysis page Leans were 9-11-1 in Week 4 and are now 26-18-1 for the season after going 169-116-4 last 2 seasons. The sides with a 4 points or more differential from the line (i.e. the Leans) were 3-9-1 and the totals Leans were 6-2 and are now 11-5 this season after going 29-8-1 last season.


The record of all Free Analysis sides was 19-24-4 ATS in week 4 and the totals were 21-25-3.


The record on all Free Analysis sides is now 2691-2485-93 ATS since 2013, which is very good picking nearly every game over 10-plus years. The Free Analysis sides in which my predicted margin was 4 points or more away from the line (i.e Leans) are a profitable 842-707-31. Totals on the Free pages are now 2456-2370-45 in the 9-plus seasons I’ve been tracking them. Starting in 2022 I choose selected Leans on totals and those are now 40-13-1.


The spreads posted are the consensus lines at the time I posted each analysis.

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