Dr. Bob Basketball Free Analysis


I was 18-11 on playoff Best Bets (30-15 on a Star Basis) and an additional +2.0 Stars on Playoff series bets/futures so far for a total of +15.5 Stars in the playoffs. 

I was 179-155-2 on my Free Basketball plays during the 2017-18 season – 123-108-2 on my Free Bets (11-4 College, 112-104-2 NBA) – and +2.0 Stars in NBA playoff series plays – and 56-47 on my Free Basketball Opinions this season (34-24 College, 22-23 NBA).

My Free Basketball Analysis is a profitable 445-376-12 the previous three basketball seasons (177-155-4 on Free Best Bets and 268-221-8 on Opinions) and 1350-1200-51 over the previous 11 seasons (301-272-10 on my Free Basketball Best Bets and 1049-928-41 on my Free Basketball Opinions).


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I’m still down slightly in the NBA after a poor start to the season but I’ve had a good Basketball season overall thanks to a really good College Basketball season. My College Best Bets were 211-167-7 and 348-257-8 on a Star Basis (6-7 on 3-Stars, 125-76-1 on 2-Stars and 80-84-6 on 1-Stars) for +65.3 Stars at -110 odds.