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My Free Basketball Analysis is a profitable 773-676-19 the previous 6 basketball seasons – and 1678-1500-58 over the previous 14 seasons. The 2019-20 season was a down year for the Free plays, as I was just 73-79-2 on my Free Basketball plays this season. I was an odd season but the Free basketball plays have been profitable over many years, as I expect they’ll be next season.

The NBA Guru Opinions are 0-1 this season and 282-241-12 over 8-plus seasons. 

The Thursday Free Best Bet on FIU lost. My selection luck on the games I decide to post on this page has not been good so far this season. My free plays on this page are now 13-19 this season, which is bad luck considering all Best Bets and Opinions have been good this season. My College Basketball Best Bets and Opinions released to subscribers are 126-102-2 this season.


Friday, January 15

No Free plays today.


2020-21 Season: Best Bets are 65-60-1 and the Opinions are 61-42-1


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  • Dr. Bob College Basketball Season

    I have been very profitable on my College Basketball Bet Bets over the years (+352.6 Stars the last 22 seasons) but starting this season the College Basketball plays will be based on a new model that tested incredibly well (832-636-29 for 56.7%) over the last 4 seasons. The model was tested on seasons not used to derive the model to avoid back-fitting.

    More information on the new College Basketball model.

    Receive all of my NCAA Basketball Best Bets and Opinions through the 2021 NCAA Tournament Championship game – and predictions on every NCAA Tournament game.

    In addition to the emails, you can also choose to receive texts of each Best Bet. The texts are sent to everyone at precisely the same time, which allows you to beat the line moves. You can also view the Best Bets on the site.

    If the season is cut short, I will issue refunds.

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  • NBA Guru Basketball Season

    Receive all NBA Guru Best Bets and Strong Opinions through the 2020-21 NBA Playoffs delivered via email (and via text) and available to view on the website.

    In 8 prior seasons with Dr Bob Sports the NBA Guru is 1044-853-28 on his Best Bets and 2163-1764-57 on a Star Basis (75-58-1 on 3-Stars and 969-795-27 on 2-Stars) for a profit of 219.9 Stars at -110 odds (with an extra -2.7 for added juice).

    If the season is cut short, I will issue refunds.

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  • Dr. Bob & NBA Guru Basketball

    Get all Dr. Bob’s College Basketball Best Bets and all NBA Guru Best Bets emailed to you daily from now through the end of the 2020-21 season.

    This subscription includes the NCAA Tournament and NBA Playoffs. In addition to the daily emails, you can also receive text alerts for all plays, which allows you to beat the line moves, and can view the Best Bets analysis on the site.

    If the season is cut short, I will issue refunds.

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