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647-532-16 (55%) for +136.0 Stars on NBA Best Bets last 5 seasons!!
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In 5 seasons with Dr Bob Sports the NBA Guru is 647-532-20 (55%) on his Best Bets (234-200-5 on Sides, 222-189-7 on totals, 107-86-6 on 1st half sides, 83-57-2 on 1st half totals, and 1-0 on playoff series plays) and 1366-1118-41 on a Star Basis (71-54-1 on 3-Stars and 574-476-19 on 2-Stars) for a profit of 136.0 Stars at -110 odds (with an extra -0.2 for added juice).

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    In 5 seasons with Dr. Bob Sports the NBA Guru is 647-532-20 (55%) on his Best Bets and 1366-1118-41 on a Star Basis for a profit of +136.0 Stars at -110 odds.

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NBA Guru Best Bets: 789-664-24 for +118.9 Stars

The NBA Guru lost his Friday Best Bet on Boston +7 (lost by 10 at Cleveland).

The NBA Guru is 141-135-3 on Best Bets this season (34-41-1 on sides, 59-50 on totals, 24-31-1 on 1st half sides, 24-13-1 on 1st half Totals) and 283-274-6 on a Star Basis (3-4 on 3-Stars, 138-131-3 on 2-Stars) for -17.1 Stars, which include -0.7 Stars in extra juice.

The NBA Guru is an incredibly unlucky 16-28-3 on games decided by 2 points or less this season and 1-4 on games decided due to overtime (rather than 4-1 had those games been graded at the end of regulation). If the NBA Guru was 4-1 on those OT games and was 19-19 on those close games, as he should be, then he’d be profitable for the season, as the difference between 1-4 and 4-1 in those OT games (all 2-Stars) is 12.6 Stars while the difference between 16-28-3 and 22-22-3 (including a 3-Star loss) on those close games is 29.3 Stars.

All 3 of the NBA Guru’s season win total plays (Strong Opinions) won.

For a detailed breakdown of NBA Guru’s records from past seasons you can check out his Past Performance page.

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Check the NBA Free Analysis page around 3:45 pm Pacific each day for an update.

The NBA Guru’s Monday Strong Opinion on the Toronto-Cleveland first-half Over 109.5 won (110 points scored).

Strong Opinions are now 241-211 (53.3%) lifetime.

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Dr Bob Basketball Best Bets +348.4 Stars Last 19 Years
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My NBA Best Bets, posted on the Basketball Free Analysis page, are 111-102-2 and 197-186-4 on a Star Basis (12-10 on 3-Stars, 62-64-2 on 2-Stars, 37-28 on 1-Stars) for -3.3 Stars at -110 odds, including an extra -0.2 Stars in extra juice, -0.5 Stars on a money line play and +5.0 Stars in playoff series plays.

My Wednesday 2-Star Best Bet on Boston won. I’ve now won 5 consecutive Best Bets and I’m now 17-9 on playoff Best Bets.

The NBA is still down a bit for the season but I had a very good season on my College Best Bets. 

Dr. Bob College Basketball

My 2017-18 College Basketball Best Bets are 348-257-8 on a Star Basis for +65.3 Stars at -110 odds.

Free Analysis

I was 105-86-3 on my Free Analysis during the 2016-17 basketball season (16-15 on Free Best Bets and 89-71-3 on Opinions), which followed a record of 161-135-7 on the Free Analysis in the 2015-16 basketball season (38-32-2 on Free Best Bets and 123-103-5 on Opinions). Over 10 seasons I am 178-164-8 on my Free Basketball Best Bets and 993-881-41 on my Free Basketball Opinions.

Check my Basketball Free Analysis page around 3:30 pm Pacific each day during the basketball season.