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In 10 previous seasons with Dr Bob Sports the NBA Guru is 1314-1089-37 on his Best Bets and 2704-2236-75 on a Star Basis (76-58-1 on 3-Stars and 1238-1031-36 on 2-Stars) for a profit of 240.4 Stars at -110 odds (with an extra -4.0 for added juice).

This season's performance breakdown is in the recap section below.

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NBA Guru

1369-1142-39 on Best Bets for +232.15 Stars in 11 Seasons!!

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2022-23 NBA Guru Results

The NBA Guru won his Wednesday Best Bet on Denver First-Half -1.5 for +2 Stars. For the season the NBA Guru is 55-53-2 for -8.25 Stars (22-25-1 on sides, 22-18 on totals, 10-8 1st-half sides, 1-2-1 1st-half totals).

Last season the NBA Guru Best Bets were 96-75-3 for +26.5 Stars.

In 11 seasons with Dr Bob Sports the NBA Guru is 1369-1142-39 on his Best Bets and 2814-2343-79 on a Star Basis (76-59-1 on 3-Stars and 1293-1083-38 on 2-Stars) for a profit of 232.15 Stars at -110 odds (with an extra -4.55 for added juice).

Best Bet full-game Sides are 431-372-13

Best Bet full-game Totals are 583-494-11

Best Bet 1st-half Sides are 192-158-9

Best Bet 1st-half Totals are 162-118-6

Playoff series Best Bets are 1-0

Dr. Bob NBA

I have decided to focus full time on college basketball and advise you to subscribe to the NBA Guru service, as his 55% Best Bet win percentage over 10 years with Dr. Bob Sports is peerless in the industry.

Dr. Bob College Basketball

College Basketball Best Bets: 1697-1416-59 on a Star Basis for +134.15 Stars the last 6 seasons!

I have been very profitable on my College Basketball Best Bets over the years (+421.9 Stars the last 25 seasons) but starting with the 2020-21 season the College Basketball plays were based on a new model that tested incredibly well (832-636-29 for 56.7%) over the previous 4 seasons. The model was tested on seasons not used to derive the model to avoid back-fitting.

The first three seasons using that predictive matchup model produced good results on Best Bets (817-675-27, 54.8%) despite winning only 45% of the close games (108-132-27 on Best Bets decided by less than 3 points) instead of the 50% expected in the long run, and being an unlucky 8-13-2 on games decided by overtime (instead of 13-9-1 on those games had they been graded at the end of regulation).

Had we won 50% of the close games and had those games altered due to OT (i.e. dogs not covering) produce the results they would have in regulation then we’d have been 55.9% winners the last three seasons, which is incredibly good in Basketball. The new model has won despite the bad luck and I expect even better results in the future.

Last 3 Seasons with new matchup model: Best Bets are 817-675-27 and Opinions are 642-542-18

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