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    I am a very profitable +467.8 Stars (at -1.10 odds) the last 18 years on my Basketball Best Bets (and 54.3% on my Basketball Best Bets over 28 seasons for an average profit of +33.8 Stars).

    Get all NBA Basketball Best Bets, including NBA Playoffs, from now through the end of the 2016-2017 season. In addition to the emails with analysis, you can also choose to receive texts of each Best Bet. The texts are sent to everyone at precisely the same time, which allows you to beat the line moves. You can also view the Best Bets analysis on the site.

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Dr. Bob

Dr Bob Basketball Best Bets +467.5 Stars Last 18 Years
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Dr Bob’s Basketball Package include both College Basketball and NBA Best Bets and the Basketball Best Bets are 54.3% for an average profit of +33.8 Stars per season over 28 years.

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I was 161-135-7 on the Free Analysis in the 2015-16 basketball season (38-32-2 on Free Best Bets and 123-103-5 on Opinions). Over 9 seasons I am 162-149-8 on my Free Basketball Best Bets and 904-810-38 on my Free Basketball Opinions.

Check back around 3:30 pm Pacific for an update on my Basketball Free Analysis page.

I won my Friday 2-Star Best Bet on the the Clippers +6 (1-Star for non-subscribers that got the play at +5.5 on Friday rather than on Thursday when it was released at +6). Unfortunately, my 2-Star play on Chicago +375 to win the series against the Celtics lost.

It’s been an extremely frustrating season in which the NBA situations that have worked at a profitable rate for years (53.5% for 12 seasons since I’ve been giving games a situational rating) have been horrible this season (233-265-8) and there was no way to see that coming. The other half of my NBA handicapping is my player-specific ratings and my line value plays, which are games in which my ratings have a significant difference from the line, are 170-154-6. That’s not a great record, obviously, but I’ve lost the majority of close games this season and line value plays over the last 4 years using my player-specific ratings have been profitable (391-336-14). Unfortunately, I didn’t start weighing the line value plays heavier until later in the season.

It’s just been a strange season in which patterns that have existed for years have been reversed. But, what really sucks is that the line value plays that go against situations are the ones that I tend to pass on, as over the years that has been the best strategy. This season, however, the line value plays that I pass on because a significant situation favors the other side are 58%. A lot of those I’ve released as Opinions and Opinions 59% for the season, including 41-24 more recently.

The fact that my ‘line value plays’ have won at a very good rate when I don’t play them and have lost when I make a line value play a Best Bet is incredibly frustrating and another form of bad luck, as it makes no sense that line value plays I’m passing on are 57% and the line value plays I’m playing are 47%. Part of that is due to losing 62% of the close games, which is just bad luck.

I’m just 26-43-4 on Best Bets decided by 3 points or less (based on the end of regulation score). I finally got a lucky overtime win on a favorite last week (a 1-Star favored by 5) but I’ve had two underdogs (+5 and +3.5) that have failed to cover in overtime (a 2-Star and a 1-Star) after being 0-7-1 in gamed decided by overtime (dogs that failed to cover and no favorites that covered in OT) in the NBA last season.

My bad record on close games and games decided by OT is not an excuse. It’s a fact. And, the fact is my handicapping has been considerably better than my record.

I wouldn’t be having a good season if my luck was neutral but it certainly wouldn’t be nearly as bad.

I am 129-152-4 on NBA Best Bets and 232-289-9 on a Star Basis (15-24-1 on 3-Stars, 73-89-3 on 2-Stars, and 41-39 on 1-Stars) for -89.0 Stars (including -3.0 on series plays and -0.1 Stars in extra juice). That’s more than double my previous worst NBA losing season in 29 years and I expect to reduce that deficit during the rest of the playoffs.

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    The NBA Guru: +170.4 Stars in his 4 Seasons with Dr. Bob Sports.

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NBA Guru

210-140- 8 (60.0%) on NBA Best Bets Last 2 Seasons
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The NBA Guru is +170.4 Stars in his 4 Seasons with Dr. Bob Sports, including +114.8 Stars the last 2 seasons!

In those 4 seasons with Dr Bob Sports the NBA Guru is 554-432- 16 (56.2%) on his Best Bets (206-160-4 on Sides, 199-164- 5 on totals, 84-62- 5 on 1st half sides and 65-46- 2 on 1st half totals) and 1178-916- 33 on a Star Basis (70-52- 1 on 3-Stars and 484-380- 15 on 2-Stars) for a profit of 170.4 Stars at -110 odds.

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There are also 4 week and combination packages available

Free Analysis

Check the Free Analysis page around 3:45 pm Pacific each day for an update.

The NBA Guru lost his Thursday Strong Opinion on the Spurs-Grizzlies Under.

Strong Opinions are now 209-180 (54%) lifetime.

NBA Guru Best Bets: 639-520-19 (55%) for +146.5 Stars

The NBA Guru won his first half Best Bet on the Clippers.

The NBA Guru is 85-88-3 on his Best Bets this season, 25-33-1 on sides, 22-21-2 on totals, 22-23 on 1st half sides and 16-11 on 1st half totals and 171-177-6 on a Star Basis (1-1 on 3-Stars, 84-87-3 on 2-Stars) for -23.9 Stars at -110 odds (with an extra -0.2 for added juice).

It’s been an uncharacteristic season so far but it’s very likely that the NBA Guru will be profitable going forward given his long term record of success.

NBA Guru 2015-16 Season Recap 

The NBA Guru ended the 2015-16 season at 104-71- 1 on his Best Bets (48-33 on Sides, 19-15- 1 on totals, 19-11 on 1st half sides, and 18-12 on 1st half totals) and 212-144- 2 on a Star Basis (4-2 on 3-Stars and 100-69- 1 on 2-Star Best Bets) for +53.6 Stars at -110 odds.