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    Bob Stoll founded Dr. Bob Sports in 1987 while studying statistics at UC Berkeley. In those 34 years Dr. Bob has been one of the most profitable and respected handicappers in the nation. Bob uses advanced math models with adjustments for current personnel/injuries that have proven to give him an edge over the Vegas line. Dr. Bob’s picks have an influence on the betting markets and his long term results are rivaled by very few, if any, public handicappers.

    NFL Best Bets 281-193-2 (59.3%) in 5 seasons using an advanced NFL play-by-play model, including 59-27 in 2020.

    College Football Best Bets +223.6 Stars since 1999.

    College Basketball Best Bets +368.8 Stars last 23 seasons.

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    NBA Guru

    NBA Guru has two decades of handicapping experience in which he has utilized a background in math, finance, economics, and psychology to find value in the sports betting market.

    NBA Best Bets 1218-1014-34 on Best Bets for +213.9 Stars in 9 Seasons with Dr Bob Sports.

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