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The season price is lowered each week and current price reflects how much of the season is remaining.
  • Dr. Bob Football & Basketball

    Get all of Dr. Bob’s College Football, NFL, and College Basketball Best Bets through the 2024 NCAA Basketball Tournament for one low price .

    This package includes analysis on every College Bowl game, every NFL playoff game, every NCAA Tournament game (with projected pool brackets).

    2022-23 Results:

    Football: 83-56-5 (60%) on Best Bets & 62-50-2 on Strong Opinions.

    Basketball: 302-240-10 on Best Bets & 288-242-7 on Opinions.

    $2,795.00 Subscribe
  • NFL & College Football Season

    Get all of Dr. Bob’s College Football and NFL Best Bets and Strong Opinions for the full season, including Bowl games, the NFL Playoffs, and the Superbowl.

    Dr. Bob Sports NFL Best Bets are 403-288-6 (58.3%)  and the NFL Strong Opinions are 286-230-11 (55.4%) in 8 seasons using our advanced NFL play-by-play model.

    My College Football Best Bets are 2421-1961-80 (55.2%) on a Star Basis, including season win totals, for +267.6 Stars Since 1999 and the Strong Opinions are a profitable 792-675-18.

    $895.00 Subscribe
  • NFL Season

    2016-23 NFL Best Bets are 406-291-6 (58.2%) – 38-20 This Season

    2016-23 NFL Strong Opinions are 286-230-12 (55.4%) – 24-19-1 This Season

    Receive all NFL Best Bets and Strong Opinions, with analysis, through the Super Bowl.


    $695.00 Subscribe
  • Dr. Bob Sports NFL 4 Weeks

    My NFL 4-week package includes NFL Best Bets and Strong Opinions with analysis.

    Get all NFL Best Bets and Strong Opinions as they are being released to get down before the lines move.

    $395.00 Subscribe
  • Dr. Bob Sports NFL Week Pass

    Some Best Bets and Strong Opinions move out of range after they are released to 4-week and season subscribers.

    I suggest getting a 4-week package so you get the plays as they’re being released, which will enable you to get down at better lines.

    There are currently no Best Bets available

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