NFL & College Football 4-Week Pass


Get all of Dr. Bob’s College Football and NFL Best Bets and Strong Opinions for 4 weekends of plays. In addition to receiving texts of each play, as they are being released, you will receive an email with analysis of all Best Bets and Strong Opinions.


Dr. Bob Sports NFL 4 Weeks

My NFL 4-week package includes NFL Best Bets and analysis.

You will receive an email with the analysis of all Best Bets and there will be analysis of all NFL games.

College Football 4-Weeks

My College Football 4-weeks package includes a detailed analysis of every Best Bet and Strong Opinion.

You will be able to log on to view all analysis on the site and you will receive each Best Bet at the same time as every other subscriber throughout the week, as I release games starting as early as Monday if I see a line I like, rather than waiting until Thursday to release all games.